• To The End Of TIme [MP3]
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To The End Of TIme [MP3]


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[ To The End Of Time ]

Song Written by Reona Nishiyama

Format / MP3
Bit rate / 320kbps
Time / 7:22
Remix and Remastered / 2016

Drums played by Dustin Cassidy
Recorded at Free Green Studio and REDstone Studio
Mixed by Reona Nishiyama at REDstone Studio
Mastered by Toki at Studio auditus

Art Design by DieodeDesign


[ 2011年にリリースされた廃盤音源に長野典二がbassを再録音!そして新たにミックス,マスタリングされた作品です。 A discontinuation source was recorded newly Tenji Nagano's Bass and Remix, Remastered ]

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